St. Michael Lutheran Church

Welcome to St. Michael Lutheran Church!  Our nature and mission are derived from the life and work of Jesus Christ.  Our purpose is to nourish members through the preaching and teaching of the Word, administration of the sacraments, mutual support, and an inclusive fellowship. We are centered in Lutheran liturgical worship which cherishes Word and Sacrament and celebrates music as God’s gift for “expressing the inexpressible."


We are so grateful that you visited our website.  Please visit us in person.  We are located in Greenville on Augusta Street.  Have a blessed day!


What's Going On at St. Michael?

Giving Glory to God, we are very pleased to announce that we have called Pastor Andrea Bates and Pastor Kyle Bates to serve at St. Michael Lutheran Church.  They began serving this Summer.    After two years of transition and a Holy Spirit-filled call process, we are enjoying this time of new energy and ministry among God’s people.  Pastors Andrea and Kyle each posses unique gifts for worship, spiritual connection, faith formation, and outreach.   We give thanks for what their leadership at St. Michael will mean for our church family, the Upstate, and the larger Church in our world.   Please join us at worship to welcome our new pastors!
~ The people of St Michael Lutheran Church, Greenville SC

SUNDAY SERVICES  are being streamed at https://www.facebook.com/smlcgreenville

Small groups are beginning to resume meeting.  Please check our church calendar or be in touch with your group leader before coming to the church.

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Grow Your Faith at St. Michael

St. Michael Lutheran Church has many different avenues to discover, grow and strengthen your relationship with God.  At SMLC we have groups for all ages, from our littlest Lutherans to our seasoned members.  Learn more on the Faith Formation page, or click a picture below to go straight to the group.

Get Connected (to people) at St. Michael

The heart of our church is its PEOPLE!  At SMLC you can discover many ways to connect with other members who share similar interests.  Our fellowship groups offer different ways to grow with others while growing with God.  Learn more on the Fellowship page, or click a picture below to go straight to the group page.